Complex intraprofessional pedagogy requires faculty who are engaged in a mutual process of discovery learning. A holistic and experiential model of instruction has been built on the foundation of a multi-faceted career focused on collaboration, community engagement and a commitment to arts-based education. Meggs is an artist/designer/educator who worked for fifteen years as an exhibits designer, was a free-lance illustrator for major publishers, and served as an educator and educational administrator at various institutions. Throughout her career, she has focused on developing community partnerships to enhance learning opportunities, particularly incorporating project-based, contextualized learning promoting social and personal responsibility. Currently she is an Assistant Professor, tenure-track, for East Carolina University’s department of Interior Design and a co-instructor for an interdisciplinary service-learning seminar course for the ECU Honors College. Her research is focused on pedagogical methodology to develop collaborative service-learning models for cross-disciplinary learning and community engagement in the application of design solutions for educational and healthcare facilities serving the rural region. A long-standing collaboration with the health sciences division of the university has broadened her research for the development of a pedagogy that enhances the delivery of services for healthcare through the vehicle of art.